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Alternative Energy and Its Sources

Alternative Energy: Its Needs and Sources

Ali Imran (Updated: 10.02.2017)

1. What is Alternative Energy?

The alterative energy is defiend as, any sources of energy, which can replace the fuel energy and provide the same functionalities like fuel  (Earth Energy Solutions, 2011). And in many countries, the alternative source of energies are bein disserminated for exploring new souces of enrgy (Pokharel, 2003). 

2. Why there is need of Alternative Energy?

A Research study in china states that the traditional sources of energy are increasing the carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. (Ou et al., 2011). In fact, the rise of carbon emissions are also create the reason for moving towards alternative energy (Siddiqui and Fleten, 2010). But every alternative sources of energy is not always effetcive and better than fuel because there are many other factors (Alternative Energy Priemer, 2011), which must be considered for seleting the better sources of energy, for example, if wood is being used for producing energy, althoug that is cheap and provided the same results but there are other environmental problems are being arisen by using wood like pollution from smoke and depletion of natural resources. So other factors must be considered and compared for choosing the best for that must be cost effective and efficient and creating less environmental problems.

3. Sources of Alternative Energy?

There are many sources of alternative energy production, which ranges from wind energy to solar energy (Alternative Energy Resources, 2011). Like Hydrogen, windmill, solar, nuclear and biomass energy but again we must consider that it must be feasible to use, produce less carbon, does not affect the environment, cheap and efficient (WiseGeek, 2011). Here are five alternative energy resources, being used worldwide as alternative source of producing energy (Alternative Energy Resources, 2011).

  • Solar Energy—This form of energy is produced through solar waves.
  • Wind Power—This form of energy is produced through wind mills
  • Biomass Energy—This form of energy is produced through plants & wood.
  • Geothermal Energy—This form of energy is produced through earth crust.
  • Nuclear Power—The form of energy is produced through atomic use.
  • Hydropower—This form of energy is produced through water.


When we see the different devices and alternative energy devices, we come to know that there are many effectives and efficient models of alternative energy, even in Turkey, Sugar cane is being used as alternative energy (Kilicaslan et al., 1999). Here are some of models (Table 1).

Table 1: Some Model of Alternative Energy

Wood StovesPassive Solar HeatingMethane From landfills
Wave PowerEthanol as FuelEnergy Conservation
Tidal PowerDish & Engine SolarConcentrating Solar
Solar Power TowerSolar ChimneysArtificial Photosynthesis
Solar Water Heating PanelAnaerobic DigesterMasonry Heaters
Small Hydro-powerBiomassSolar Street Lights
Rumford FireplacesBio FuelLinear Solar Conc.
Run of River HydroWind TurbineFireplace
Oil From AlgaeWindmillWood Burning


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