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50. Online Retail Market of Germany

Online Retail Market of Germany 

Anish Kumar  (Date: 17.05.2016)

50. Online Retail Market of Germany Indigoball

Statista (2015) has found that in 2013, the 41% of internet users worldwide have purchased products online. This kind of buying is also known as e-commerce or e-retailing. The average spending pattern per online shopper in top 10 countries shows that the America is on top with average spending of $1804 in online shopping in 2013. The United Kingdom has ranked as 2nd position with average spending of $1629. In this list, the Germany has achieved the 5th position with an average spending per online shopper is $1064. While, Brazil comes at 10th position with $350 average spending per online shopper. These studies are showing that the online shopping sector has considerable volume in total consumer volume globally.


According to Euro monitor, the German internet retailing has 8% value share in total German retailing (Euromonitor, 2016). After UK, the German E-commerce market is known as 2nd biggest market in the European Union. Similar to USA, China and Japan, in 2014, the European e-commerce market has become grown significantly, where 94% of internet users are above 14 years’ age, making it more than 51 million digital consumers. Further, the 79% of German internet users (above 14 years) are using the internet on a daily basis. According to 2018 forecast, the online shopping market of Germany will grow at 12 Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), as in 2015, the E-commerce turnover has been risen from 41.9 billion Euros to 46.9 billion Euros, which is 12% higher in 2015.


Moreover, the e-commerce preference in Germany varies from product to product such as it is higher in book (67%), electronics/V&A (60%), computer equipment (58%) and lower in medications (32%) and Jewellery / Watches (30%) (Germany Trade & Invest, 2016). Amazon is still the market leader in German online shopping sector (Euromonitor, 2016). Overall, the German online shopping is significantly growing market sector as an alternative of Business to Consumer (B2C) interactive shopping system.

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