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55. Adidas Social Media Strategy

Adidas Social Media Strategy

Anish Kumar (Date: 17.05.2016)

55. Adidas Social Media Strategy Indigoball

The Adidas is one of those companies, which are growing on social media networks. The above stated statistics of fans and followers of Adidas social media pages are showing the significance of social media for Adidas company. However, there is no factual numerical data about the success of Adidas’ social media advertising campaign. That’s why, like other scholars and marketers, the Adidas might be looking for ways to measure the impacts of using social media advertising. Because, this is will help the company to make future strategies or adjustments in their social media marketing plans. The following insights explains the Adidas social media activities on Facebook.

On Facebook, the Adidas is having its main page “Adidas” and also sub-brand pages Adidas Basketball, Adidas Sneakers, Adidas Football, Adidas Cricket, Adidas Outdoors and many geographical pages (Adidas-FB, 2016). The current number of Facebook fans are 23.95 million fans. The Adidas use this page for advertising it’s all kind of products, including footwear, clothes, sportswear and other products. The nature of contents can be seen as new product ads (both video and images), consumer knowledge contents (shoe care) and celebrity interviews. The average frequency of content sharing has been found as 3-4 posts per week. Additionally, the consumer comments are replied as part of customer services. These stats are showing the Adidas activities on social media, as a part of its marketing communication strategy.

Based on research findings, there are certain recommendations for Adidas shoes regarding effective use of social media technologies in order to obtain better results in terms of enhancing brand awareness, positively influencing purchase behaviour and enhancing brand loyalty among customers. First, the Adidas marketing managers must learn that they should target only those consumers, which can contribute to organizational performance goals. Second, the Adidas marketers should divide the social media customers into segments and try to engage the customers more on social media through event based advertising campaigns such as UFEA Euro cup and Festivals, as there is no information about UEFA cup. Third, there have been found only 3-4 posts per week, so frequency should be more up to 1 post each day.

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