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600 x 400 Strategic Management at Cathay Pacific

Stakeholder Analysis of Cathay Pacific

Muhammad Zeeshan Khan (Date: 10.06.2013)

The stakeholder refers to all those persons, having an interest or stake in business or being affected (directly or indirectly) with the policies of the business (Investopedia, 2007). The stakeholder analysis of Cathay Pacific identifies the key stakeholders and their power, they use to affect the business decisions (Thompson, 2011). In order to analyse the impact of stakeholders, the first stage of stakeholder mapping is to identify all possible stakeholders of Cathay Pacific (BSR, 2011).

CategoriesStakeholdersImpact on Stakeholders
1OwnersInvestors / StakeholdersHigh
2CustomersDirect customers and Indirect customersHigh
3EmployeesCurrent, Potential, RetiredHigh
4IndustrySupplier, Media, Associations, CompetitorsHigh
5CommunitySociety Residents and Interest GroupsMedium
6GovernmentState Regulators, Chamber of CommerceHigh
7Third SectorNGO’s, Labour Unions, Spiritual CommunityLow

The results of the stakeholder impact analysis have shown that the owners, customers, employees, industry and governmental stakeholders are highly affected with the strategic planning of Cathay Pacific. These stakeholders must be prioritized high during strategic planning. While the community stakeholders are affected at medium level while third sector stakeholders are affected very low from strategic planning of the company. The identification of stakeholders and impact assessment is helpful for Cathay Pacific is to understand the most important stakeholders.

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