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600 x 400 Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Ahsan Hameed (Date: 08.05.2015)

In an organization, the organizational staffing is performed for hiring people, based upon the requirement of the organization and the key responsibilities they will be having. The recruitment and selection are two very important elements of an organizational staffing (Thibodeaux, 2011). According to Gish (2013), the recruitment and selection process consists of the means by which an organization finds employees. The recruitment is an organizational activity of employing workers to fill vacancies or enrolling new personnel (Bloomsburg Business Library, 2007). The selection refers to “a part of recruiting process that deals with choosing an employee to hire from among a narrowed-down list of outstanding candidates” (Ingram, 2011). According to Gomes (2012), the recruitment refers to searching for and obtaining job candidates in sufficient quality and quantity so that the company can select the best people to fill its job need. While, the selection refers to gathering information for the purpose of evaluating and deciding who should be employed in particular jobs. In simple words, the focus of recruitment is to attract and generate the potential candidates for a vacant position, while the focus of selection is to select the best candidate that best suits with job description and job specification. However, the performance of recruitment and selection strategy is greatly affected some influencing factors, which are needed to be identified and also resolved through proactive approaches of management.


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