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Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB)

Author: Ahsan Hameed (Date: 02.05.2014)

The role of OCB is very important in achieving organizational performance. The organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) or organizational commitment of staff is dependent on many factors. The Marri et al. (2012) states that the employee’s commitment is directly linked with the favourable trend of organizational justice, facets of job satisfaction and personal characteristics of personnel in an organization. The organizational justice is a helpful tool of reducing employee turnover, because it reduces the turnover intentions of employees that contributes to performance of the organization (Sharoni et al., 2012); (Marri et al., 2012). Another research study by Mohamed and Anisa (2012) presents that the continuance and normative commitment improves the organizational citizenship behaviour of employees. The findings of research are also showing that the OCB of employees is directly linked with the performance appraisal system of organizations through the mediating effect of the performance appraisal process, perceived rating-reward linkage and affective commitment (Zheng, Zhang and Li., 2012). The Mamman, Kamoche and Bakuwa (2012) states that the leader’s member exchange relationships is also having a positive impact on the development of OCB of employees.

Now a day, the organizations are requiring those employees, which can provide optimal performance, beyond their job descriptions (Mohamed and Anisa, 2012). The importance of OCB is very significant for the success of the organization, because when there is a high level of organizational citizenship or commitment, then it stimulates the behaviour of employees towards showing output beyond their job description. The research by Mohamed and Anisa (2012) is showing that the OCB helps the organizations in talent retention, as it generates and maintains the loyalty among employees, whose contributions and expertise are highly required for the success of the organization. According to Marshall et al. (2012) the role of sales person is vital in the success of the organization. The research findings also state that the performance of sales persons is mainly contributed by organizational citizenship behaviour of employees that is showing the significant role of organizational citizenship on improving performance of the salesman and performance of the overall organization. The research by The and Sun (2012) also confirms that the OCB affects the knowledge sharing behaviour of employees in a positive way that contributes to the performance of organisations.

The impact of OCB is also very effective for organizations in many other ways. According to Vigoda-Gadot and Beeri (2012), the OCB of employees is having a positive impact on improving the work environment through smoothening the administration. The research findings also confirm that the role of OCB is also very effective in contributing to the environmental management for that organization (Boiral and Paillé, 2012).

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