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Parachute System for Iphone IndigoBall

If your new iPhone will fall by accident, then it would not be damaged. This is great news for iPhone loves that they don’t need to get worried about damaging due to falls. Even you don’t need to buy iphone protecting cover. The new iPhone 7 seems to have new technology “Parachute system” that will protect the iPhone when it will be falling from height. (Watch Video)

This new technology works with pressure gas (Carbon dioxide) that creates pressure on all four edges like a parachute in order to smooth landing of iPhone on the floor. This pressure gas will be stored in gas tank inside the iPhone and it is one time refill, because you have to fill it again once it has been released.

When iPhones fall from the table or from your hand, then the inside oriented speed and proximity sensor measures the speed and distance between iPhone and floor. Once the iPhone reaches new the floor, at a specific distance, the gas is released for the iPhone in order to protect it from damages and helps in smooth landing.

Although when iPhone falls, then it revolves into different directions and may not have been in a level position so that the gas pressure can create a parachute mechanism to land. For this purpose, the oriented speed and proximity sensor first brings the iPhone in straight level position and then parachute system works to help the iPhone in smooth landing on the floor. When CO2 tank is empty, then it indicates on screen for refilling. Therefore, you have to fill it again. (See following pictures).

Apple Iphone Parachut Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 3 Indigo Ball 2

Iphone Parachut 3 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 4 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 5 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 6 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 7 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 8 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 9 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 10 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 11 Indigo Ball

Iphone Parachut 12 Indigo Ball

This parachute technology is being seen as innovative, workable and advance for saving the iPhone from damages. The iphone 7 is expected to release in September 2016. However, the Apple or any other mobile company has not said anything yet about it regarding adaptation of this technology. Right now, this technology has to pass through several research processes, but, in future, this technology can be adopted.

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