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Twitter to Increase Character Limit Soon IndigoBall

Twitter is going to increase character limit from 140 to 10,000 – Indigo Ball – 15 Jan 2016

This is definitely an amazing news for Twitter followers that now they are going to have the option to write more than 140 characters. As reported by DW and Re/Code on Tuesday, the Twitter is working on its system in order to increase the character limit from 140 to 10,000 characters in tweets.

Twitter is the world’s largest company of Microblogging and one of the largest social media networks with more than 300 million users. The users of Twitter are able to share contents up to 140 characters within their micro blog.

Although, it has not been officially announced by Twitter Company, however, it has been revealed that Twitter is updating its system in order to include new feature of microblogging, which will allow the users to write and share up to 10,000 characters.

This updating process would be a series of other improvements, which are taking place in Twitter system such as the addition of “Moments” feature, adding buy button and reshaping its start shaped “favourite” with a heart shaped “like” button.

In accordance with industry news, the Twitter is going to launch its 10,000 character feature as a trial. In order to not to disturb its service, the company is testing this feature with old 140-character software with an option to expand more text once tweet is clicked on. According to online industry specialists, this action on Twitter is done in accordance with the following objectives;

Advertising sales: The Twitter is going to expand its advertising sales revenue along with increasing users’ volume.

Loss recovery: As the year of 2015 has again showed a loss financially, this action of 10,000 character tweeting will help in recovery from losses.

Competition: The Twitter is facing currently a serious threat from its competitor “Instagram” whose users have been increase from 400 million. In order to tackle competition, the new function is aimed to increase user base.

Upgradation: This new feature will also result in upgradation of the overall technological base of Twitter along with introducing more features.

This news flash has created both positive and negative responses among the users. The supporters are seeing this improvement very positive, as they are in the favour of having more characters in tweets.

However, a significant number of users have perceived this action negatively and they are not happy with increase of character limit from 140 characters to 10,000 characters. Here are some of the responses;

@Tyschalter: one of the best things about Twitter was the old #Beyong140 error message “You’ll have to be more clever”. Not anymore!
@Cornor_pope: Please Twitter don’t go #Beyond140. It’ll be the death for you. Honesty it will.
@ffflow: If you need more than 140 characters you need help #beyond140

However, either this strategic action of Twitter was good or bad, the future will decide. But past financial and functional performance of Twitter ensures that the company has to take any step for coming out of a bad situation. The official response from Twitter is much awaited, which will clarify actual feature of the new system.

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