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Cycle Autobahn in Germany 2015 Indigoball

Cycle Autobahn in Germany – Indigo Ball – 15 Jan 2016

Germany is famous not only in Europe but also in global world because of its Auto Bahn, where there is no speed limit and you can drive as much fast as you want. Just like the car autobahn, another step has been taken as “Cycle Autobahn” for encouraging the bicycles and healthy lifestyle in Germany. As announced on 29th December, 2015, the Germany has announced its project to build cycle 100km Autobahns, which will allow the bicycles to ride without any red light and without any car or truck on the road. Overall, this idea has been appraised by many schools of thoughts.

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This project has been initiated by initially opening 5Km (3 miles) cycle autobahn track for bicycles and later to spread it up to 100 km autobahn track. The core concept is to pass the cyclist autobahn along the railway track.

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Currently, this project has been started in the Ruhr region of Germany and it will connect 10 cities of Ruhr region, including Hamm, Bochum, Duisburg, 4 universities and Ruhr Industrial region. It has been estimated that this project will contribute to around two million local residents of the Ruhr region of Germany.

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Regarding funding, as cycle infrastructure is the responsibility of local authorities, the initial 5 km track has been funded RVR 20%, North Rhein-Westphalia state 30% and European Union Funding 50%. However, for the complete 100km track, the 180 million Euros have been estimated and talks are going on to rustle funds from state government.

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The key inspirations for this project to move forward towards future urban transportation. Further, this project has great implications in terms of reducing environmental pollution, safety of bicycle riders and healthy lifestyle of local residents. Moreover, this project will include the Germany, among those countries, which are showing concern for providing a health environment for bicycles.

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However, there are also some challenges for this project. Primarily, the funding of project cost is a great issue, which requires contribution from local authorities and federal state. Moreover, the other concerns include snow clearance, infrastructure, lighting infrastructure and maintenance of bicycle autobahn.

In short, the Germany has taken an initial step towards future urban transportation systems. There is also news of similar project feasibilities in other areas of Germany such as Frankfurt and Berlin.

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