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Chris Gayle Fined 10K due to Flirt on Field with Reported

Chris Gayle Fined 10K for Flirting with Mel Mclaughlin – Indigo Ball – 15 Jan 2016

Charis Gayle, West Indies cricket batsman, is well known cricket batsman of today’s cricket world due to his talent and open style batting, especially in t20 format. The two simultaneous events of Chris Gayle’s day have made it difficult to decide, was today good or bad for Chris Gayle?

Today, while playing a very good inning at the Big Bash League in Australia, the Gayle has shown very good performance through making 41 runs in just 15 balls. This shows that today was good for Chris Gayle. However, this good performance has also brought bad luck for Chris Gayle, as it led him towards fine of 10,000 Australian dollars.

Today, after match has ended, a news female reporter, Mel Mclaughlin, who got impressed due to his today’s brilliant performance, reached into Chris Gayle for an interview about his today’s play. While in live interview, the Chris Gayle started flirting with her. Gayle has applauded about her beautiful eyes and also asked her for going to date. However, the news reporter didn’t say anything.

Gayle’s action has been taken as very inappropriate by news reporter, news channel, team management and cricket Australia. The Chris Gayle has been fined for 10,000 AUD by team management and cricket Australia. While, the new channel has also asked for Gayle’s apology and also announced boycotting him for future interviews. The Chris Gayle’s action is also considered in social media platforms, as social media users have criticized his action. This shows that today was really bad for Chris Gayle, as it led towards penalty fine and negative bashing from public.

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